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Dont waste your time reading these articles if u want to work timepass or earn money easily.

          Earning money online is not easy as you think. it needs lot of hard work and also a time taking process. i have been working online since 2005 but havent earned even a penny till 2007.

           it is all because of the irregular work and working for fake websites. joined hundreds of money paying sites but none of them payed me. joined chained marketing, earned very few. joined referral sites,earned less. later bought a cd worth Rs.2500/-  which consist of the list of genuine paying sites and sites linked up with google, then kick started my earnings .
            Remember that the initial payout in any site will be less. but once you start earning,the age of your work increases which automatically draw more amount for you. i dont want you wasting your time joining all the fake websites and searching for genuine one's.

        Here listed are the some of genuine sites which i am earning through. joining these websites through my links helps me earning more and similarly you can do.